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Nintendo GameCube

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Nintendo GameCube
Type Home console
Release date(s) Japan September 14, 2001
United States Canada November 18, 2001
Europe May 3, 2002
Australia May 17, 2002

Nintendo GameCube, often referred as simply GameCube, is a home video game console developed and distributed by Nintendo. Originally released in 2001, the console would go on to be Nintendo's worst selling home console until the release of the Wii U. There are several reasons for the disappointing sales. The first reason is that it was directly competing with the PlayStation 2, the best selling video game console of all time. The goodwill Sony built up over its previous generation to both developers and customers left Nintendo in an unfavorable position before GameCube even released. The second reason is despite finally shifting over to discs instead of cartridges, Nintendo opted to use proprietary optical discs that were much smaller than industry standard and thus held less data and was more difficult to work with. The PlayStation 2 and the Xbox used standard DVD discs and had the option to be a DVD player as well as a game console, which made both of them more enticing.

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles is the only Final Fantasy-related title for the Nintendo GameCube. It was a console exclusive released in 2003. It was one of the few games that utilized the Game Boy Advance as a controller via the Game Link Cable. The Game Boy Player peripheral allows for Game Boy Advance titles to be played on the GameCube, including the Final Fantasy-related ones.

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