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List of references in Final Fantasy to other media

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This is a list of the works that went into developing one or more Final Fantasy-related property.


Video games[edit]

Final Fantasy[edit]

The tombstone says "Here lies Erdrick" in the original NES version.
  • In Elfheim, there is a pair of three gravestones. The leftmost one mentions either Link or Erdrick, depending on the version (and sometimes the regional release). In the original Famicom version and most subsequent remakes, it reads "Here lies Link". In the original Nintendo Entertainment System release, the gravestone reads "Here lies Erdrick. 837 – 866. R. I. P.". In Final Fantasy Origins, the message is different for NTSC and PAL regions. In the former, the gravestone reads "May Link rest in peace", but the latter it reads, "May Erdrick rest in peace".