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Thank you once again for helping out. It means a lot to me :) Results May Vary (talk) 17:32, September 11, 2021 (UTC)

  • No problem, my pleasure! Kristak (talk) 17:33, September 11, 2021 (UTC)
Yeah wiki editing is fun and inspiring when folks directly collaborate with one another. Results May Vary (talk) 17:35, September 11, 2021 (UTC)
The Asterisks page looks awesome! Great work! Results May Vary (talk) 18:02, September 15, 2021 (UTC)
Thank you, I will finish soon the Bravely Default II section and think about what to do later.Kristak (talk) 07:32, September 16, 2021 (UTC)

Terribly sorry[edit]

I'm terribly sorry about that brief hiccup with the Wiki of Mana's connection -- it was some server maintenance apparently (I have to use shared hosting plan because I can't afford dedicated unfortunately). It's back now & no data was lost. Results May Vary (talk) 15:36, November 16, 2021 (UTC)

No problem, dude.Kristak (talk) 23:15, November 16, 2021 (UTC)
Yay :D. Mana has become my favorite Square Enix franchise (hence why I wanted to do a wiki on it) because I like how it allows for free-range movements while having minimal RPG elements like the Warriors series. There are some games with command-based/turn-based battles that I like (e.g. Final Fantasy I), but I prefer games that allow you to freely move around. Results May Vary (talk) 23:28, November 16, 2021 (UTC)


Hi, I just made a Template:Video license template. Although video playback is still yet to work, would it be ok if you added it to MediaWiki:Licenses (at the bottom, underneath the audio one)? Ambassadors can edit all MediaWiki pages except CSS/JS. Results May Vary (talk) 12:35, November 19, 2021 (UTC)

Yep, thank you :) Results May Vary (talk) 16:55, November 23, 2021 (UTC)

Category talk:Final Fantasy Origins screenshots[edit]

I asked something here if you want to take a look Results May Vary (talk) 02:05, November 24, 2021 (UTC)

Staff on the Wiki[edit]


I've been observing your edits, talked it over with RMV, and was wondering if you would be interested in being an admin on this wiki.

Thank you for your time, Tacopill (talk) 14:19, November 27, 2021 (UTC)

Sure, why not.Kristak (talk) 15:03, November 28, 2021 (UTC)
Congrats on becoming the newest staff member! Results May Vary (talk) 15:14, November 28, 2021 (UTC)
YayKristak (talk) 19:33, November 28, 2021 (UTC)

I got some good news[edit]

Grifkuba is going to be hosting a SaGa Wiki... and I managed to fork one over from Fandom (with the community's approval!) Results May Vary (talk) 20:55, December 7, 2021 (UTC)

Hooray!Kristak (talk) 03:15, December 9, 2021 (UTC)
It can be found at Results May Vary (talk) 03:26, December 9, 2021 (UTC)


Hi, just letting you know that the classic Monaco skin (the default skin from Wikia in 2008-2010) is now an option on this wiki. With that being said, would it be ok to add this to MediaWiki:Monaco-toolbox (it might take a while to update):


And for MediaWiki:Monaco-sidebar, add:

* mainpage|mainpage-description
* Special:AllPages|All pages
* Final Fantasy (series)|Main series
** Final Fantasy
** Final Fantasy II
** Final Fantasy III
** Final Fantasy IV
** Final Fantasy V
** Final Fantasy VI
** Final Fantasy VII
** Final Fantasy VIII
** Final Fantasy IX
** Final Fantasy X
** Final Fantasy XI
** Final Fantasy XII
** Final Fantasy XIII
** Final Fantasy XIV
** Final Fantasy XV
** Special:Categories|Main categories
** Category:Characters|Characters
** Category:Enemies|Enemies
** Category:Summons|Summons
** Category:Games|Games
** Category:Locations|Locations
** Category:Items|Items
** Category:Equipment|Equipment
** Category:Weapons|Weapons
** Category:Armor|Armor
** Category:Music|Music
* randompage-url|randompage
* portal-url|Community portal

Thank you! Results May Vary (talk) 19:08, December 11, 2021 (UTC)

Toolbox is correct, though i accidentally added an extra asterisk (*) before the Special:Categories, if you want to fix that. The current events under Community portal could prob be removed because I don't think it will be used. Results May Vary (talk) 19:16, December 11, 2021 (UTC)

Tabber gadget[edit]

Is it ok if you add MediaWiki:Gadget-Tabber, MediaWiki:Gadget-Tabber.css, and MediaWiki:Gadget-Tabber.js to this wiki? This will make the tabber a gadget, as the MediaWiki extension was recently discontinued. When doing so, add Tabber[ResourceLoader|default|hidden|targets=desktop,mobile]|Tabber.js|Tabber.css to MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition. Results May Vary (talk) 03:32, January 11, 2022 (UTC)

I can't edit the page. Do you know you how to grant me access to it?Kristak (talk) 03:59, January 11, 2022 (UTC)
Tacopill will need to promote you to interface administrator, if you want to ask him on the Discord. Also been meaning to try and get the round border removed from css, as it was added there by accident when the KH Wiki navigation template code was copied over. Results May Vary (talk) 04:02, January 11, 2022 (UTC)

if you want something to do[edit]

Hi Kristak, so lately we added the Tab template from Kingdom Hearts Wiki. If you want something you do you can replace the tabber tags (which were recently discontinued) with the Tab template. Example: Results May Vary (talk) 16:36, January 13, 2022 (UTC)

New stat template[edit]

Do you like the new enemy stat template? It's based on the SMRPG bestiary page on Mario Wiki, and I redesigned it as such (I considered it for a while) because I noticed someone on the Wiki of Mana was doing that for the Secret of Mana bestiary. Results May Vary (talk) 23:06, January 27, 2022 (UTC)

Thank you[edit]

Thank you for fixing those categories. I did a lazy copypaste of the Final Fantasy IX color templates & forgot to change those. Oh by the way, have you ever seen a wikibook named A Field Guide to Final Fantasy's Creatures and Monsters? I remember reusing redirected Wikipedia articles for here & the info in it might help benefit (this website). Results May Vary (talk) 01:11, February 7, 2022 (UTC)

Do we merge or split Aeon from Summon?[edit]

Are the Japanese names identical? Results May Vary (talk) 14:21, February 11, 2022 (UTC)

I don't know the original japanese text so. Don't know what to doKristak (talk) 17:25, February 11, 2022 (UTC)
Taking a quick glance at a certain wiki's translation pages (I don't copypaste though, don't worry), it does seem as if the Japanese names are identical. Results May Vary (talk) 17:29, February 11, 2022 (UTC)

Wiki's been growing[edit]

It feels great! :D Results May Vary (talk) 00:09, February 14, 2022 (UTC)

Thanks for the welcome[edit]

Just wanted to say thanks for the message. I'm normally at work on the Wiki of Mana and will generally be helping you here if it ends up resolving an interwiki link. Still looks like you need some help with images and whatnot. May you succeed in your search for good editing talent. Swordzman236 (talk) 04:28, June 1, 2022 (UTC)

Please do not split conversations across multiple places. Tacopill (talk) 13:12, June 1, 2022 (UTC)
not planning on it. Swordzman236 (talk) 03:48, June 2, 2022 (UTC)