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Who Am I[edit]

Greetings. I am Ampera, and I am a systems administrator for Grifkuba Gaming Services. If you are reading my user page, it's quite likely you are wondering why I have an account on this wiki, what I am doing here, and why I (might) have the sysop/Administrator role.

While Grifkuba strives to maintain the independence of wikis we host, it is occasionally necessary to log into the wikis we host in order to debug problems, and help wiki staff with issues they may be having. My having these permissions does not make me a member of staff for any of the communities we help host for. This also means I will not take unwarranted action in regards to moderation or altering of Wiki content, outside the bounds of any other non-staff user.

My presence on wikis is explicitly for the benefit of its users, community, and staff. If, however, such presence is unwanted, either simply due to my having administrative roles, or a wiki wishes to be completely free of this account, please contact me using the means below. I have no desire to intrude for any other purpose but to aid, and to gain a better relationship with our wikis.

If you are having a technical problem or are experiencing an issue with one of our wikis, please, also, feel free to contact me. Grifkuba is a hobby for me, but it's one I try to take very seriously. While I might not be able to get to some issues immediately, I fully intend to make a best effort to address any problems, large or small.

How to contact me[edit]

I do not typically monitor my talk pages, and as such, messaging me on this wiki is not a good way to contact me. If you do want to get in touch, I do respond to the following:

  • Grifkuba Discord:
  • Discord Username: Ampera#0538
  • IRC: I am Ampera on,,,