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Template:Documentationpage Template:Docparam is used to document parameters in template documentation pages. It provides all the necessary information about a parameter and should be used on all template documentations with parameters.


{{docparam |name= |req= |default= |default2= |desc=



{{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:name|| }}| >> | up to }}| // | or }}| ++ |, }}

Name of the parameter. Certain strings are automatically translated to allow for specification of alternative choices or parameter ranges.

Translated strings (all of these need to be enclosed by spaces):

  • >> is converted "up to", to indicate a range of possible parameters.
  • // is converted to "or", for alternative choices.
  • ++ is converted to a comma with a trailing space (", "), for listing parameters which are separate but work the same (e.g. "contentA1, contentB1").
{{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:req|| }}| >> | up to }}| // | or }}| ++ |, }}
(default: "no" )

Indicates whether the parameter is required by policy or for the template to function properly, as follows:

  • no — Optional parameter, indicated with Optional.
  • semi — Semi-required parameter; optional in some situations but required in others, or highly recommended. Indicated with Semi-required.
  • yes — Required parameter, indicated with Required.
{{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:default >> default2|| }}| >> | up to }}| // | or }}| ++ |, }}

Indicates whether there is a default value for a parameter if it is left empty.

{{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:desc|| }}| >> | up to }}| // | or }}| ++ |, }}

The description of the parameter (as in this line of text). This section should include all necessary details pertaining to the use, guidelines, and policies of a certain parameter.