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These are all available templates for use in the Final Fantasy Wiki. More information and a list of templates can be found at Project:Templates.

When you create a new template, add "<noinclude>[[Category:Templates]]</noinclude>" to it to categorize it with other templates. You may add additional categories if needed, of course.

When editing templates that already exist, take care to edit in a way that is sure to benefit the template, and make sure your edits reflect some sort of consensus. If high-use templates are subjected to heavy vandalism, they may be protected.

Using templates[edit]

Including templates in a page is easy. Just put the name of the template in two pairs of braces, like so: {{templatename}}. To link to a template, use {{tname|templatename}}. For example: {{delete}}.


When categorizing templates, use <noinclude> tags around the category/categories, or else every page the template is used on will have those categories.