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Thundaga is a powerful lightning-elemental Black Magic spell in the Final Fantasy games. It is an upgrade to Thundara and the second upgrade to the Thunder spell. The spell first appears in Final Fantasy.


Final Fantasy[edit]

In Final Fantasy, Thundaga is a level 6 Black Magic spell that can be purchased at the Black Magic Shop in Crescent Lake for 13,000 gil (or 20,000 gil in the original Nintendo Entertainment System version and the PlayStation version's Hard Mode.) Thundaga be learned and used by Black Mage, Black Wizard, and Red Wizard. It costs 35 MP to use Thundaga.

In the original Nintendo Entertainment System release, the move is named LIT3, and in the PlayStation version, it is named Bolt3.

Final Fantasy IV[edit]

In Final Fantasy IV, Thundaga can be learned by Tellah, Palom, and Rydia. Fusoya can use Thundaga from the start. It costs 30 MP to use Thundaga. The move can be used by two enemies: Li'l Murderer and Dark Sage. In Final Fantasy IV Advance and later remakes, Lunar Ramuh and Lunar Asura can also use the move. In the Super Nintendo and PlayStation versions, Thundaga is named Lit 3.

Tellah learns Thundaga at Mt. Ordeals, Palom learns it upon reaching level 34, and Rydia learns Thundaga at level 45 (level 41 in the 3D remake).

Final Fantasy V[edit]

In Final Fantasy V, Thundaga (named Bolt 3 in the PlayStation version) can only be used by the Black Mage job. The party can acquire Thundaga by purchasing it from the Magic Shop in Moore for 6,000 gil. It costs 25 MP to cast Thundaga.

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