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Pravoka FF GBA screenshot.png
Warrior standing on the grass patch of Pravoka in the Game Boy Advance remake
Minatomachi puraboka
Game appearance(s) Final Fantasy
Type Town
Unique item(s) Ship

Pravoka is a port town and the second accessible town in Final Fantasy. It is located east of Cornelia.

When the Warriors of Light visit Pravoka, they find that a group of pirates, led by Bikke, have invaded the area. Because of this, several of Pravoka's inhabitants went to hide in their houses, leaving the town mostly deserted.[1] Bikke is in the northwest corner of town, and when the warriors talk to Bikke, he sends out nine pirates to fight them. After defeating every pirate, Bikke rewards the ship to the Warriors of Light, allowing them to travel the Aldean Sea.

Pravoka's Black Magic Shop and White Magic Shop sell level 2 Black Magic and White Magic spells respectively. Like the other towns, Pravoka has an Inn, a Sanctuary, a Weapon Shop, an Item Shop, and an Armor Shop.


Pravoka is a symmetrical town that has an outer, square-shaped stone wall. There is a moat between the town and the outer wall. The wall encloses nearly all of Pravoka except the entrance at the bottom-center. In remakes, there is a second moat, and it surrounds the stone wall. Nearly all of the ground in Pravoka is made of stone except for a circular patch of grass in the upper-center of the area. The grass is centered within a circle that joins the left and right symmetrical halves of the town. A small bridge is to the top-center of the circle area, and it leads directly to the inn.


These are the enemies encountered within Pravoka:

PSP sprite Name HP Gil Exp
Pirate FF PSP sprite.png Pirate 24 40 40

These are the enemies encountered at the surrounding sea:

PSP sprite Name HP Gil Exp
Bigeyes FF PSP sprite.png Bigeyes 10 10 42
Buccaneer FF PSP sprite.png Buccaneer 50 120 60
Sahagin FF PSP sprite.png Sahagin 28 30 30
Sahagin Chief FF PSP sprite.png Sahagin Chief 64 105 105
Shark FF PSP sprite.png Shark 120 66 267


Weapon Price Attack Accuracy Classes
Battle Axe 450 gil (Easy Mode)
550 gil (Normal Mode)
16 5 Warrior, Knight, Ninja
Broadsword 450 gil (Easy Mode)
550 gil (Normal Mode)
15 10 Warrior, Knight, Ninja,
Red Mage, Red Wizard
Hammer 8 gil (Easy Mode)
10 gil (Normal Mode)
9 0 Warrior, Knight, Ninja,
White Mage, White Wizard
Scimitar 160 gil (Easy Mode)
200 gil (Normal Mode)
10 10 Warrior, Knight, Thief,
Ninja, Red Mage, Red Wizard
Armor Price Defense Weight Classes
Leather Armor 40 gil (Easy Mode)
50 gil (Normal Mode)
4 8 Warrior, Knight, Thief, Ninja, Monk,
Master, Red Mage, Red Wizard
Chain Mail 65 gil (Easy Mode)
80 gil (Normal Mode)
15 15 Warrior, Knight, Ninja,
Red Mage, Red Wizard
Iron Armor 640 gil (Easy Mode)
800 gil (Normal Mode)
24 23 Warrior, Knight, Ninja
Leather Shield 12 gil (Easy Mode)
15 gil (Normal Mode)
2 0 Warrior, Knight, Ninja
Leather Gloves 50 gil (Easy Mode)
60 gil (Normal Mode)
1 1 All
Item Price Effect
Potion 40 gil (Easy Mode)
60 gil (Normal Mode)
Restores 50 HP
Ether 150 gil Restores 50 MP
Antidote 50 gil (Easy Mode)
75 gil (Normal Mode)
Cures poison
Eye Drops 50 gil Cures Darkness
Phoenix Down 500 gil Revives one KO'd ally
Spell Price Class Effect
Blizzard 250 gil (Easy Mode)
400 gil (Normal Mode)
Red Mage, Red Wizard, Black Mage,
Black Wizard, Knight
Deals ice damage to one foe
Dark Blinds all foes with darkness
Temper Raises one ally's attack
Slow Reduces all foes' number of attacks
Spell Price Class Effect
Blindna 250 gil (Easy Mode)
400 gil (Normal Mode)
Red Mage, Red Wizard, White Mage,
White Wizard, Ninja
Cures Darkness
Silence Prevents all foes from casting spells
NulShock Reduces lightning damage by half
Invis Raises one ally's Evasion



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