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Mist Cave

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Mist Cave
Mist Cave FF4 SNES.jpg
Cecil standing in the Mist Cave in the original Super Nintendo release
Misuto no Dōkutsu
Game appearance(s) Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years
Type Cave

The Mist Cave is a dungeon that appears in Final Fantasy IV and its sequel, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. It is a cave shrouded in mist, hence its name, and it leads from Baron to Mist. In Final Fantasy IV's original Super Nintendo version, the location is named Misty Cave, and in the PlayStation version, it is named the Cave of Mist.


Final Fantasy IV[edit]

In Final Fantasy IV, the Mist Cave serves as the first dungeon. Cecil and Kain travel through here on their way to deliver the Carnelian Signet to Mist. As the two travel through the cave, just before crossing the northwest bridge, an ominous voice tells them to go away. At the end of Mist Cave, just as Cecil and Kain are about to exit, the same voice asks them if they wish to go on (the player can answer either yes or no). When Cecil and Kain decide to, the mist in the cave thickens, and the Mist Dragon reveals itself to be the voice talking to them. After defeating the Mist Dragon in a boss fight, Cecil and Kain exit the cave.

In the 3D remake, when Cecil first enters the Mist Cave, he encounters Namingway, who decides to become a cartographer and renames himself to Mappingway. He gives Cecil the Wayfarer's Map just before leaving.


Sprite Name HP Gil Exp Weakness(es)
Eyewing Moth 40 18 74 Throw
Goblin 6 5 28 None
Larva 28 8 49 None
Sword Rat 30 13 66 None

Sprite Name HP Gil Exp Weakness(es)
Eyewing Moth 39 5 78 Wind
Goblin 30 5 90 None
Larva 25 4 50 Ice
Sword Rat 30 5 93 None


There are four items, each contained in a treasure chest located at different areas of Mist Cave:


In Final Fantasy IV's 3D remake, Cecil and Kain are rewarded five Potions for completing the area. Because Mist Cave is the place where Cecil obtains the Wayfarer's Map, it is the first place to give a reward for clearing an area.

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