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Aerith sells Cloud a flower for 1 gil in Final Fantasy VII

Gil (Japanese: ギル giru) is a currency used in every game of the Final Fantasy series. English translations have occasionally replaced it with "GP" or simply "G". "Gil" is both the singular and plural term for the currency; it is one of the few elements shared by the otherwise unrelated Final Fantasy games, along with chocobos, airships, Moogles, and Cid.


Gil can be used to buy weapons, armor, items, and accessories at the many stores and vendors throughout the worlds of the Final Fantasy games. Gil is earned primarily (sometimes exclusively) though fighting and winning battles, but many games provide other ways of earning the currency; in Final Fantasy VIII, for example, the player receives periodic wages according to his or her rank in the "SeeD" organization. Sometimes, the player can earn gil through minigames (such as those found in Final Fantasy VII's casinos), or through completing various tasks or missions. Still other means of earning gil exist, but the majority of these methods usually yield negligible amounts. Some games in the series, starting with Final Fantasy V, have characters or abilities that lets the player toss gil at an enemy in order to inflict damage; this ability is known as "Coin Toss".

Visual representations[edit]

Gil FF6.jpg
  • In Final Fantasy VI, this ability gives the most detailed visual representation of what a Gil coin looks like: a circular metallic coin with a small hole in the center with markings around it. This makes it visually similar to other, real-world currencies (most notably that of Japan, because it has the shade of a 5 or 50 yen piece).
  • Final Fantasy Tactics contains an animation of gil as circular, golden coins when a Thief uses the Steal Gil ability.
  • Final Fantasy XI also has a visual representation of gil in the form of normal gold and silver coins.