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Giant's Cave

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Giant's Cave
Giant's Cave FF GBA map.png
Map in the Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls remake
Game appearance(s) Final Fantasy
Type Cavern
Greater location World A
Inhabitants Giant
Unique item(s) Mythril Helm
Great Axe

The Giant's Cave is a cavern area in the original Final Fantasy. It is a passage that leads to the Sage's Cave, and is inhabited by a Giant. In the Nintendo Entertainment System version, the location is named Titan's Tunnel, but in the PlayStation remake, it is named Titan's Cave.

During their journey, the Warriors of Light enter into the Giant's Cave to go visit Sadda in the Sage's Cave. However, a Giant blocks the warriors' path, and does not allow them to pass unless they give him his favorite delicacy, a Star Ruby. By doing so, the Giant steps aside and allows the Warriors of Light to continue to the Sage's Cave.


The Giant's Cave has four treasure chests, which are found together in a room at the bottom of the area. From left to right, each :