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Elves are a species that appear in some Final Fantasy games. They are based on the mythical creatures of the same name, and have distinct long ears. Elves first appear in Final Fantasy. Elves have an evil variant, Dark Elves.


Final Fantasy[edit]

Elf FF PSP sprite.png

In Final Fantasy, the Elves reside in a small kingdom named Elfheim, which is ruled by the Elf Prince. In the Elven Castle, there is an elf named the Healer, who stands beside the Elf Prince. The Elves themselves do not play a crucial role in the Warriors of Light's adventure, although the Elf Prince does because the warriors must obtain the Mystic Key from him to continue in their journey. As with other non-playable characters, Elves provide hints to the Warriors of Light, but also tell them about the prince's fate.

Elves wear a green tunic and hat, making them resemble Link from The Legend of Zelda series. They also wear blue shoes. In the Nintendo Entertainment System and MSX2 versions, the Elves wear a yellow hat. In the MSX2 version, Elves wear purple clothes instead of green.



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