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Cure is a recurring White Magic spell in the Final Fantasy games, first appearing in the original Final Fantasy.

It is the most basic healing spell, typically restoring a small amount of HP. In many games, it can also be used to damage undead enemies. It is often the first spell learned by users of White Magic.

Game appearances

Final Fantasy series

Final Fantasy

In Final Fantasy, Cure (written CURE in the Nintendo Entertainment System version and Cure1 in Final Fantasy Origins) is a Level 1 White Magic spell that heals a small amount of HP to a single party member. In earlier versions of the game, the spell always restores 16 to 32 HP. From Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls onward, the amount healed scales with the caster's Intelligence and the target's Luck. In the Dawn of Souls version and later remakes that utilize MP, Cure costs 3 MP to cast.

Cure is sold in Cornelia for 100 gil. In Final Fantasy Origins's Easy Mode and all later remakes, the price is lowered to 50 gil. In the Dawn of Souls version and other remakes that include the Soul of Chaos dungeons, Cure can also be purchased in the town of mages within Whisperwind Cove.

Unlike many later entries, in the first Final Fantasy the scope of a spell cannot be adjusted between single- and multi-target, or between the party and the enemies. There is a separate set of spells for healing the whole party (the Heal family), and another for damaging undead enemies (the Dia family). There are three progressively more powerful spells in the single-target Cure family: Cura, Curaga, and Curaja.

Usable by
Warriors of Light White Mage - White Wizard - Red Mage - Red Wizard - Knight
Enemies Rakshasa

Final Fantasy II

In Final Fantasy II, Cure restores HP, with the amount restored increasing with the spell's level. Final Fantasy II adds the ability to adjust the scope of most spells, allowing Cure to heal a single target or multiple targets. Additionally, this marks the first time Cure can be used to inflict damage on undead enemies.

Cure is classified as White Magic, and contributes to increasing Spirit when used in battle. When cast outside of battle, Cure heals 40 to 79 HP per level to a single party member, or 10 to 19 HP per level to the whole party. When cast in battle, the amount of HP healed increases with both the spell level and the caster's Spirit. From the Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls version onward, Spirit's effect on the amount healed is doubled compared to earlier versions. If used against undead, the formula for damage dealt is the same as for HP healed. As with all spells in Final Fantasy II, Cure's MP cost matches its current level, from 1 to 16.

A Cure Tome (known as a Cure Scroll in Final Fantasy Origins) can be used outside of battle to teach Cure I to any party member, or in battle to cast Cure VIII on all allies. It is consumed after either use.

Cure Tomes are sold for 200 gil in Altair, Paloom, Poft, and Mysidia. In Dawn of Souls and all succeeding remakes, the price is dropped to 100 gil. A Cure Tome is also found in a chest in Kashuan Keep. When Minwu joins the party, he already knows Cure VII.

In the Soul of Rebirth mode introduced in Dawn of Souls, Scott begins with Cure IV. Cure Tomes can be purchased in Machanon.

Usable by
Enemies Green Soul (Cure VI)
Items Cure Tome (Cure VIII)

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ケアル
From English care
Spanish Cura Cure
French Soin Care
German Vita
From Latin vita
Italian Energia Energy
Portuguese Cura Cure
Russian Лечение
Korean 케알
Transcription of Japanese name
Chinese (Simplified) 疗伤
Treat wounds
Chinese (Traditional) 療傷
Treat wounds
Thai การรักษา
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