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Banon (バナン, Banan) is the leader of the Returners in Final Fantasy VI.

The party first meets Banon in the Returners' secret base, where he plans to have Terra try and speak with the frozen Esper (later revealed to be Valigarmanda) in Narshe. He later accompanies them to the imperial capital of Vector when Emperor Gestahl proposes a truce, which eventually turns out to be a ruse. They have a party and a laugh about it but he is last seen among the ruins of Vector after the Espers destroyed it. His fate after Kefka's rise to power is unknown. Banon is temporarily controllable during a mission to transport him from the Returners' secret base to Narshe.

Banon's special command is Pray, which is a powerful healing ability that targets the entire party and does not use any MP.

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